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Paul Gordon (The Cardiste) is always in demand. His act is unusual to say the least. Paul Gordon is an expert in the field of sleight of hand Card & Close-up Magic. His act is designed for close-up work. In other words, if you are looking to organise a wedding Reception, a soiree, cocktail reception, business lunch, board-room meeting, private gathering - Paul Gordon The Cardiste is the new style of act you'll want.

Paul Gordon also performs general close-up magic; cards, coins, ropes, money and more! Ideal for table-hopping & strolling.

Paul Gordon will have you saying, "I wouldn't want to play cards with him!" The act is entertaining & magical. The world of magic is an amazing one. Magic is wonderment. Magic should not be flourishy, overtly forceful or full of digital pyrotechnics! Paul has never forgotten the feeling of wonder when he saw his first 'miracle' back in 1968.  It really is a feeling that never leaves you. If it does - it's time to fold your tents and silently steal away

Paul will, and does, provide a very exciting & mystifying form of magic!

"Paul Gordon is a highly respected member of London's Inner Magic Circle. He is also President of The Sussex Magic Circle.

Paul's interest in magic started in 1968...over 30 years later, he is still fascinated by this great art form. Paul has written 14 books on the subject and travels the world performing & lecturing!

Card & Close-Up Magic is Paul's forte. He has won many competitions and is recognised as one of the very best exponents of classic sleight-of-hand. Also, he is one of the most entertaining table & strolling (mix & mingle) magicians. His magic is strong, powerful & very magical...Whatever your function, Paul will bring it to life!

Endorsements From Previous Clients

"What an excellent performer!"- Marconi (Paris conference)

"Thank you for a great time." - Esther Rantzen & Childline

"Simply the best close-up & card magic I've seen!" - Cllr. Tony Rogers

"Wonderful...totally baffling and entertaining!" - Cllr. Brian McLuskie

"Paul is one of the world's very best!" - Roger Crosthwaite (top magician)

" Dear Mr. Gordon. You provided the best magic I've seen; for my husbands 40th!" Thanks. - Mrs. Artson (Chelsea)

"Dear Paul, thank you for a fabulous performance. Wonderful!" - Eden Park Hotel (Bayswater)

"You were wonderful; magical, entertaining & courteous!" - Mr. John Wilson (Herts)

"Everyone really enjoyed your stupendous magic. How did you change the Ace to the Three; on my hand!?" - Liz Frasier (FSB)

"My Wife, our guests and I thought you were great. Our wedding was enhanced 100% by your incredible talent." -
Mr. Mendoza

"Wonderful. I thought you were great!" - Anthea Turner

"Excellent act. . .we were all stunned."  - Rear Admiral Sir Richard Irwin

"A fabulous experience."- HSBC

"What an amazing performer!"- Price Waterhouse

"The best entertainer with a deck of cards I've seen!"- Felix Bowness

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