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David Zauber

David has excelled at the performance of  'Close Up' magical entertainment, for which he has won a number of awards from within the magic fraternity itself and has been called by fellow magicians  " a master of close up magic".Close Up Magician

Included in these awards is the achievement of 'Gold Star' membership of the Medway Magic Society, only the second time it has been awarded in the 55 year history of the society.

If you're not familiar with 'Close Up Magic', it's the most demanding and technically difficult type of magic performance there is.

Forget what you have seen on television or stage, in fact, forget what you think you know about reality!

With close proximity magic there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! In the subtle hands of David Zauber playing cards, coins and other everyday objects defy the laws of nature, literally right in front of your eyes!

This style is at the cutting edge of modern magic and is unique in its ability to make the spectators confront the impossible, then completely lose their grip on reality!

David Zauberís award winning sleight of hand magic is suitable for almost any occasion where people get together; corporate events, exhibition stands, open days, hospitality suites, formal dinners, weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, hotels, nightclubs & restaurants.

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